Artist’s Statement

My current work is an intensely personal response to universally-experienced life events such as birth and bereavement.  I hope to communicate the joy of process and the love of materials which have emerged during my recent period of study.  I believe that from whatever concept, stimulus or emotional response my work may spring, an appropriate material and method will reveal itself as the means to share my personal responses with others.

I can lose myself equally in the simple, rhythmic tapping of stone or in the feel of clay in my hands.  I am passionate, almost in love with, the physical pleasure of the process of creation.

My passion for people and interest in understanding how they process their life experiences has, hopefully, led to the development of a greater understanding of the world, the human characteristics and behaviour which shape our environment, and the way in which we occupy it.

One interpretation of dialogue is ‘flow of meaning’.  I hope to create a dialogue with you today and hope that you find dialogue with others.